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Plan Printing

Serengeti Print Group provides a fast and efficient solution to your large format Plan Printing and Large Poster needs. We can print in Black and White or Colour, from a file or hardcopy. Send it to us via email, deliver a hard copy, or even...

4 Tips For Great Signage

Need long term advertising to drive sales? Don’t fret: A recent survey shows that business signs rank second, beating other media, in determining where shoppers will buy. Here are four tips for making an impact with your business sign. Make it visible. If your sign...

Brochure Marketing

Why Brochures Are Still So Effective To Promote Your Business There are so many cool ways to promote your business like social media marketing, YouTube, SEO (search engine optimization) and many other online and offline techniques. So, why is brochure marketing still so effective? The answer lies...